Cultural Events

Cultural events in any institution plays a major role as it brings out student’s talent and helps them in understanding the value of planning and teamwork. There are various events that focus on a particular theme. The theme of events might be based on the area of interest such as art, or an aspect of the community in which the festival is being held. The events held annually usually involves:-

  • Arts Fest
  • Hindi Diwas Celebration
  • Food Fest
  • Sports Day
  • Annual day
  • Fresher’s Day
  • Teacher’s Day

We promote the upcoming youth which will be tomorrow’s future. The talent hunts in the institution allow students to showcase their talents such as singing, dancing, acting etc. These hunts develop the confidence of the students. These are annually organized and maximum participation from the students can be seen which helps in their overall development. This also helps the students in finding the right path for future prospects.

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