D. Pharma

Diploma in Pharmacy course is a 2-year career-oriented program in the medical field of pharmacy, designed to familiarize candidates with the core concepts of pharmaceutical science. The Diploma in Pharmacy program aims to prepare candidates with the necessary skills and academic knowledge for entry-level positions in retail pharmacies as well as pharmaceutical companies. The course essentially provides an overview of the theory, principles, and practices involved in the science of pharmacy. D. The components of study within the pharmacy syllabus.

Such candidates are prepared to work as members of the interdependent health care team. They are taught industry-ethics, including patient-provider relationships, clinical research, and end-of-life care. D Pharma course examines other ethical topics such as the distribution of scarce resources, the use of stem cells, the role of genetic testing and issues of human cloning. Students are taught to review drug approval procedures, drug discovery, drug applications. They learn about the huge regulatory requirements involved in drug testing, screening, pre-clinical and clinical trials.

D Pharma Eligibility

Eligibility criteria for the D Pharma students are given below:-

  • 10+2 pass with (PCM/PCB).

D Pharma Fees

D Pharma fees structure is given below of session 2020-21

SN Particulars Sem-I Sem-II Sem-III Sem-IV Sem-V Sem-VI
1 Admission & Uniform Fees INR 19,500/- - - - - -
2 Tuition Fees INR 22,500/- INR 22,500/- INR 22,500/- INR 22,500/- INR 22,500/- INR 22,500/-
Payable Amount INR 42,000/- INR 22,500/- INR 22,500/- INR 22,500/- INR 22,500/- INR 22,500/-

D Pharma Career Prospects

  • Medical Transcriptionist:- Medical transcriptionists usually do the following: Listen to the recorded dictation of a doctor or other health worker. Explain and transmit the dictation in the patient"s history, examination notes, operative reports, referral letter, discharge summary, and other documents.
  • Technical supervisor:- The person in the management of the first line who supervises and controls the performance of the tasks assigned or delegated to the employees. They are generally authorized to recommend or influence hiring, disciplining, promoting, punishing, rewarding, and other associated activities about employees in their departments.
  • Chemist / Pharmacist:- Chemistry is a specialist in chemistry, a branch of physics, which is the study of the properties and formation (synthesis) of molecules. Pharmacists are health care professionals who practice in pharmacy, health science fields focusing on safe and effective drug use
  • Quality analyst:- At the core of what they do, QA analysts are testers and problem solvers. Job duties include testing websites or software for problems, documenting any issues and making sure to fix errors. They are an important component of any software development process.
  • Medical representatives:- Medical representatives promote and sell his company"s products, whether it is pharmaceutical drugs or medical equipment. Clients may include doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. The medical representative will raise product awareness, answer questions, offer advice and introduce new products.
  • Production executive:- Production officials have the responsibility of determining the best and most efficient use of available resources, including equipment and labor, to meet production goals. They set a budget, specify job duties, determine the need for equipment and supplies, and construct a production schedule.
  • Scientific Officer:- A scientific officer is an executive who manages the scientific, research, or technical operations of a company or organization. These professionals help set company research and scientific priorities so that they align with the overall mission and goals of the organization.

D Pharma Scope in India

Research and Development- The pharmaceutical industry is an industry that works on research and development. Researchers in this field are in great demand for new drug research, process development, formulation, development of clinical trials and toxicological studies.

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