M. Sc. (Soil Science)

Soil Science studies the outer shell of the Earth in which vegetable life can develop, if nutrients are present. Masters in soil science adopts methods and knowledge from other earth science specializations, such as geology and soil biochemistry, natural resource management and sustainable development soil scientists are involved in the agricultural production, assessment of environmental quality and product toxicity. Soil experts can provide counseling for construction projects, drilling procedures and forestry and agricultural organisations.

M. Sc. Soil Science Eligibility

Eligibility criteria for the M. Sc. Soil science students are given below:-

  • The candidates should have passed the bachelors examination in Agriculture from any recognized university or its equivalent examination with a minimum of 50% marks.

M. Sc. Soil Science Course Fees

M. Sc. Zoology fee structure is given below of session 2020-21:

SN Particulars Sem-I Sem-II Sem-III Sem-IV
1 Admission & Uniform Fees INR 19,500/- - - -
2 Tuition Fees INR 25,000/- INR 25,000/- INR 25,000/- INR 25,000/-
Payable Amount INR 44,500/- INR 25,000/- INR 25,000/- INR 25,000/-

Career After M. Sc. Soil Science

These are the career opportunities after the M. Sc. Soil science is given below to the content:-

  • Research Assistant:- The Research assistants use multiple types of streams of data to find information. They use the Internet, surveys, legal documents and other published research to help the person they are assisting in gathering information. Research assistants are lots of the time found in the social science or laboratory settings.
  • Lab Technician:- Lab technicians are skilled workers who work with complex systems or perform highly technical mechanical or diagnostic tests in medical or scientific laboratories. Lab technicians can collect, test and test samples on body fluids, teeth, chemical compounds, biological samples or other fields of science.
  • Scientist:- Not only do scientists have an important role in avoiding inappropriate and dangerous decisions, but policy-makers and other stakeholders are also advised on the best and sensible steps to take towards a human-centric society, thereby enhancing scientific knowledge. Promotes and enhances cross-cultural connections and joint research.
  • Field Officer:- The field officer will be responsible for the selection of beneficiaries, monitoring activities, related tasks in the project for communication, implementation, and evaluation with project counterparts as per the existing regulation.
  • Manager:- Entrusted with a leadership role, a manager is responsible for overseeing a department or group of employees within a specific organization or company. In every sector, managers contribute to businesses in significant ways, which are reflected in the company"s profits, organization, and overall workplace morale.
  • Professor:- The Professors (Level E) provide the academic leadership to the University, primarily promoting excellence and performance in research, teaching, professional activities, and policy development at various levels within the academic discipline, and academic unit, within the institution And within.
  • Researcher and accountant:- Research Accounting Manager with time and effort reporting process; Facilities and administration assists with rate proposal; Assists with interim and year- end responsibilities, preparing various other audit functions, supplementary analysis as required by auditors; Assists with tracking real estate listings.
  • Statistician:- The statistician collects numerical data and then displays it, helping companies to make sense of quantitative data and to spot trends and make predictions. Specific job responsibilities include: designing and implementing data gathering/management computer systems and software.

M. Sc. Soil Science Scope

Soil science has well defined and developed discipline science dealing with the soil as a natural resource on the surface of the Earth, including pedology and soil physical, chemical and biological and reproductive properties.

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