B Sc Biotechnology

Biotechnology is a 3 year undergraduate degree program which is the combination of biology, chemical, and physical science with technology. It is relevant with applied science and includes chemical engineering, bioprocess engineering, information technology, and nanotechnology. Typically, the aim of the course is to provide qualified candidates, for industrial and other purposes, advanced lessons in biological processes, especially genetic manipulation of microorganisms for the assembly of antibiotics, hormones, etc. that produce drugs and other such products are used.

B Sc Biotechnology Eligibility

B Sc Biotechnology eligibility criteria that should be fulfilled to pursue this course are as follows:

  • 12 th with 45% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) can opt for  B Sc Biotechnology as their specialization in undergraduate level.
  • Students are eligible for admission after clearing the entrance exams Alpine group of institute common entrance test.

B Sc Biotechnology Subject

There are various subjects in b sc biotechnology that will help you to get deep study about b sc biotechnology the list of subjects are given below to give you an idea about study:-

B Sc Biotechnology Fees

B Sc Biotechnology Admission Process

First of all, you have to fulfill the eligibility criteria to get admission in B Sc Biotechnology. The following is the B Sc Biotechnology admission process such as:-

  • To get admission in B Sc Biotechnology, aspirants should fill the registration form of Alpine Group of Institute Common Entrance Test (AGI CET 2020).
  • After qualifying the AGI CET entrance exam, students get admission in B Sc Biotechnology on behalf of the AIR (All India Rank).

B Sc Biotechnology Career Prospects

Biotechnology students can do jobs in biotechnology companies, research labs, government agencies which control the applications in agriculture, research and industry.

Students can work as Research Assistants / Scientists at various government institutes and organizations doing research and development in:-

  • Agriculture, Horticulture and dairy firms.
  • Drug Companies
  • Cosmetics and Garment Industries
  • Food Processing Industries

B Sc Biotechnology Job Opportunities

The students after completion of B Sc Biotechnology can build their career in the following fields:-

  • Agricultural Industries
  • Agro-based Industries
  • Aquaculture Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Food Processing Industries
  • Gene Banks
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Science writing and Communication
  • Teaching at school, college & university levels
  • Environmental specialist
  • Research Laboratories
  • And many more...

B Sc Biotechnology scope

Many private businesses are exploring this field and also heavily investing in it. It is safe to say that there are excellent job opportunities for Biotechnology students in the private sector. Government sector too offers job opportunities, but not on the scale in which the private sector does. It has a wide variety of career opportunities both in research and industry ranging from sales and marketing, quality control and quality assurance, research and development to manufacturing, teaching, science writing and communication and self employment. Scientific Directors, Scientists, Research Assistants, Research Associates, Bioinformatics Scientist, Molecular Modeler, Bioinformatics Analyst, Supervisor/ Facility Manager (Plant/Sciences), Research Assistant.

B Sc Biotechnology Entrance Exam

If the candidate wants to make their career in the field of B Sc Biotechnology so they can pursue the course from Alpine Group of Institute (AGI) by filling the registration form of Alpine Group of Institute Common Entrance Test (AGI CET 2020). After qualifying the entrance exam of AGI CET 2020, student take the admission in B Sc Biotechnology course on behalf of your AGI CET All India Rank you can get admission in AGI.

Ask & Answer

What is B Sc Biotechnology?

B Sc Biotechnology course is designed to impart quality education in terms of biotechnology and its related concepts like social genetics and cell biology with the practical implementation of the same Biotechnology is a combination of two subjects - Technology and Biology. B Sc Biotechnology is combined into concepts of Biology and Engineering in a bid to enrich our lives and make innovative growth. At the top of the course, aspirants undergo a series of research projects to reinforce their knowledge domain.

What is the B Sc Biotechnology course duration?.

B Sc Biotechnology course is a 3 years program in which students gather practical and theoretical skills. Theoretical knowledge can be enhanced through classroom studies and practical knowledge through labs by experimenting the studies.

Is there any entrance exam for B Sc Biotechnology?

Yes, to get admission in B Sc Biotechnology interested students can participate in the Alpine Group of Institute Common Entrance Test (AGI CET) . It offers you admission in B Sc Biotechnology after the clear entrance exam basis of student AIR they will get admission in AGI.

What is the B Sc Biotechnology eligibility criteria?

B Sc Biotechnology eligibility criteria is 12th with physics, chemistry, and biology (PCB). Students can also participate and qualify the AGI CET exam.

What are the job opportunities after B Sc Biotechnology?

There are various job opportunities after B Sc Biotechnology the list of job places are as follow:-

  • Media Houses as Science Writer
  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • NGO
  • Self Employment
  • Biotechnology Firms
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Farm Management Organizations
  • and many more

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