Alpine has been consistently enhancing its placement record with more and more students being placed in various reputed organizations. The placement and training cell plays a vital role in building the career of aspiring students enabling them to sharpen their skills in order to reach their desired goals. Our institute interactions have been instrumental in getting campus recruitment drives.

Alpine maintains good relations with corporate houses and other prestigious institutions being a perfect host for educationists and entrepreneurs. Our team works round the year to ensure successful and respectable placements with esteemed organizations. We believe in combining the three aspects that together spell success - Ability, Motivation and Attitude.

To strengthen one’s talent in today's ever challenging technical world, students require academic knowledge with effective inter personal skills.

Increasingly recognized by recruiters for its abundant talent pool and excellent facilities, Alpine placement process aims to match the requirements of recruiters and the aspirations of students.

The objectives of Placement and Training cell are:

  • To place students in reputed organizations through campus recruitment.
  • To provide industrial training to students during their academic session.
  • To organize lectures, educational and motivational seminars, group discussions, mock interviews etc. by professionals for career guidance, entrepreneurship and personality development.
  • To provide opportunities for higher studies in India.
  • To prepare students for the competitive world.
  • To provide them personality development programmes, communication skills, personality development, aptitude, logical reasoning and foundation courses on basic Mathematics.

Placement Records

SN Name Organization
1 Arif Alam Indigo Airlines
2 Pratik TATA
3 Raj Kamal Singham Indigo Airlines
4 Amit Singh Indigo Airlines
5 Shailendra Kumar Maurya Indigo Airlines
6 Rishav Raj Indigo Airlines
7 Rajeev Dehal Indigo Airlines
8 Ranveer Indigo Airlines
9 Kapil Singh Indigo airlines
10 Rajeev Dehal Indigo Airlines
11 Ramendra Sagar Indigo Airlines
12 Rishav Raj Air India
13 Shubham Chandel Indigo Airlines
14 Anas Qureshi Indigo
15 Monu Verma Indigo Airlines
16 Pankaj Air India
17 Vishal Singh United Airlines
18 Sonu Kumar Indigo Airlines
19 Dixit Thakur Air India
20 Amrit Indemar
21 Lucky Gupta AAR indamer
22 Md Taufiq Air India
23 Pratik Gupta GMR
24 Sukesh Kumar Air india
25 Trisad Sharma Indemar
26 Mad. Adil Qatar Airlines
27 Ayush Dixit Air India
28 Abhay Soni Air india
29 AbhishekKumar Indemar
30 Aman Kumar Indamer
31 Awari Meghna Syam Indigo Airlines
32 Chandhan Kumar GMR
33 Nagendra Parihar Indigo Airlines
34 Rajendra Buriya indigo Airlines
35 Nilesh Yadav Air India
36 Dhanjeet Yadav Indigo Airlines
37 Mohd Sadiq Indigo Airlines
38 Mohd Adil Indigo Airlines
39 Arvind Arya Indigo Airlines
40 Prashant Bijlwan Indamer
41 Ashutosh Kumar Indamer
42 Deepak Kumar Indamer
43 Chandragupta Maurya Air India
44 C. Anubhav Chakma Indigo Airlines
45 Javid Hussain Dar Qatar Airlines
46 Abhinav Srivastava Indigo Airlines
47 Jimanshu Chauhan Indigo Airlines
48 Alka Kumari Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
49 Khurshid Ansari Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
50 Mr. Khurshid Ansari Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
51 Mr. Rupesh Kumar Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
52 Mr. Sharad Sanger Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
53 Mr. Sudarshan Kumar Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
54 Ms. Alka Kumari Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
55 Piwanshu Tata Aerospace
56 Rupesh Kumar Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
57 Sharad Sanger Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
58 Sudharshan Kumar Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
59 Aman Yadav Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Limited
60 Anurag Sharma Go Air
61 Ayushi Singh Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
62 Rohan Gupta Air India
63 Neerathi Sridatta Indigo Airlines
64 Mariyam Khan Indigo Airlines
65 Gaurav Saini Indigo Airlines
66 Himasnshu Ranjan Indigo Airlines
67 Sanchit Bajaj Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
68 Shubham Pal Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Limited
69 Udit Hasija Indigo Airlines
70 Syed Aniz Reza Global Konnect
71 Ajay Singh Indigo Airlines
72 Rishi Raj Singh Indigo Airlines
73 Vishali Pali Indigo Airlines
74 Devraj Kumar GMR
75 Md. Kaif SK Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Limited
76 Stephen Lakra Go AIR
77 Chandan Yadav Indigo Airlines
78 Deepanshu Indigo Airlines
79 Dhiraj Kumar Rajbhar Indigo Airlines
80 Jatin Choudhary Indigo Airlines
81 Sauraj Singh Indigo Airlines
82 ShivHari Pandey Indigo Airlines
83 Abhishek Sharma AAR Indemar, Nagpur
84 Anmol Dhatwalia AAR Indemar, Nagpur
85 Pankaj Kumar AAR Indemar, Nagpur
86 Sahil AAR Indemar, Nagpur
87 Sahil AAR Indemar, Nagpur
88 Shikhar Masih Shaurya Aviation Pvt. Ltd
89 Shubham Raj Shaurya Aviation Pvt. Ltd
90 Deva Prasad Bind Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Limited
91 Gyanendra Kumar Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Limited
92 Hariom Dubey Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Limited
93 Tripti Singh Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
94 Venkatesh Dhatri Taneja Aerospace & Aviation Limited
95 Chandan Chauhan Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
96 Subhash Kumar Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
98 Shweta Srivastava Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
99 Diksha Ahuja Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
100 Ankit Kumar Singh Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
101 Ankit Agarwal Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd
102 Nayan Jyoti Nath Heritage Aviation Pvt. Ltd

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